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The company’s consultants team, 70% of the members have  master  or  above  degrees and overseas background, 20% of the members of  are senior foreign doctoral experts with PHD degrees. We can provide clients with trustful and professional service based on oure 20 years headhunting experiences.

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Full name region Job Title
David Ashbridge European and American area Consultant
Jeoffery West European and American area European and American area manager
leo li Asia-Pacific Asia Pacific Manager
Henry Dong Eastern Europe Eastern European Manager
Yuki Shen North-America North American manager
Vivian Li Asia-Pacific Headhunter consultant
Lisa Ying Asia-Pacific Headhunter consultant
Albert Zhou North America Headhunting assistant
Lialia Zhao Eastern Europe Headhunting consultant
Clark Chen Eastern Europe Consultant Assistant
David He Europe area European manager
Tina Ye Asia-Pacific consultant assistant
Yao LEI Eastern Europe Headhunting assistant